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The Sweet Family

After a one week long vacation here my parents decided to make the move from Dayton, Ohio to Orcas Island and they havn't ever looked back. They fell in love with Orcas and bought the property and the house we still live in today. It came with two little guest cottages that we continued to rent out when we bought the property. This was the start of North Shore Cottages. It was more of a hobby for my mom rather then a business. I'm still not sure how she did it while raising us 3 kids. You know, that is probably why I had so many chores growing up...

This business had everything it needed to thrive. Everything except a full time manager who could guide this business along its new path. Thats where I came in. After I spent two years at University I realized that running a business is what I wanted to do and lucky for me I already had one to start with. I came home and dove in head first to shape the business how I envisioned it. The business has not only grown in the last three years but it has also matured. Blooming into something beautiful, something magical. Now known as, The Salish-Seaside Escapes, we are excited to bring you a revised, rejuvinated and freshly edited version of what we once were.

The Sweets have always had a passion for hospitality. Making people feel welcome, comfortable and at home is something my parents have always strived for and they have passed that on to me. Here at, The Salish, we want you to have the best, most relaxing, most memorable stay possible. We want to be a vessel through which you can get the best experience from Orcas as possible. It has been our home for 21 years and we hope that you find it just as special as we still do today.

Your Host,

Thane Sweet

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